Thursday, December 18, 2008

This past week we tried something we hadn't before. The boys were ecstatic to something out of the I have a tendency to get in a rut with the day. I gathered some pictures from the Harris Burdick collection and we wrote stories to go with the pictures. The boys had so much fun. I even offered to type them up etc. if they would just tell me the stories. I did this with James but Luke wanted to write his down. It was a blast.

Here is Luke’s. It went with the picture (shown above) titled Uninvited Guest.

It was Friday. The day mom and dad went out on a date. Mark, an 11 year old had to stay home. “We’ll be back at 10:30.” Mom said. IT was 4:00. So he had to wait six and a half hours! L “Don’t let the zombie bite!” Dad said with a smile. IT was a family joke. “I won’t.” Mark Said. “Bye!” They left locking the door. One hour later, he heard a knock at the door. He went to the door. The door knob turned. He was sure he had seen the door knob turn. He ran behind the couch. The door flew open! In stepped the zombies! They went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. One got a soda. The other got a hunk of meat and started to cook it on the stove. “But Zombies don’t exist!” Mark said. But they were right in front of him. They turned around. Mark ducked. But it was to late. They saw him. He ran. They ran after him. One got him by the arm. The other was reaching for his hear. Mark’s heart was pounding. He reached up and his then his dad was laughing at him! Then his mom was there. “We wanted to see how brave you are.” They said laughing.

The End.

So what story would you come up with to go with that picture????

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Knight'ts Christmas Tree

For knights today the boys decorated and donated a Christmas Tree to the senior citizens center for their annual Tree Festival thing..the tree will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the local animal shelter. At our last activity we made the ornaments. Big THANKS to the local Baptist Church for donating the tree. And huge thanks to the other ladies and parents who have helped out so much this semester.

Updated blog

Ok Katy...I updated my blog.

Katy on Santa's lap
Katy crawling through the jungle gym.

Katy and her oldest boy Nate.