Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall pictures

Recently I begged and pleaded for a couple of friends of mine to take some pictures of my growing boys. My super awesome friends have much better picture taking skills then I do on my little ipod. Thank you amazing ladies!!

I inherited a whole bunch of large frames from a neighbor, that I wanted to use for the pictures and we went and bought A LOT of pumpkins for it. The largest pumpkin weighed in at 43 pounds and it was a BUGGER to get around. That is why I have boys though, I haven't had to life anything that heavy in a long time.

I am trying to create a Christmas card that I will pretend to mail out. I have the last 2 years of Christmas cards in my drawer collecting dust. In all of the cleaning for selling the house, you would think that I would have tossed them out, but nope, I still have them. Maybe I'll mail all three this year and everyone can see them grow up all at once.

Mark was fussy unless I let him hold my cell phone. I should have known that it would have caused a few problems.

But anyway...

Here are a few of the cute moments caught during our photo shoot.

I wonder if mom will notice if I answer just this one call...

James kinda looks like he should be on a psycho thriller movie...scary!

What do you want us to do with these frames Mom? You're weird!

Maybe this pumpkin will keep me warm!

Just let me answer this last text!

I've GOT to tell Brynlee about that bug on Ben's nose that he's trying to get off with his mouth. Some people are so immature.

James! Don't touch my phone!

What? We're going the wrong way?

Muuah!! For the cute girl across the room. Yeah I'm talking to you!

It was so much fun to get their pictures taken! I am so greatful to those who have more picture taking skills who share them with me!!