Thursday, January 31, 2013

Four year old Mark

Yesterday my Mark reached the big 0-4. He is loving life as a four year old!

Sometimes its hard to believe how fast my boys are growing up. When they were little I took the attitude that they would always be small. Since I  have learned that this is NOT the case, I really try to love each of these moments. 
Last year I started decorating the living room for the boys' birthday. This time, I confess, I had the two older boys do it. They had so much fun and did a great job!  

Mark is a green loving fool! When in doubt, just make it green.
To start the day off, the phone rang and it was for Luke. Mark instantly starts crying and after I console him he tells me that "its my birthday! I want a phone call too!!" And wouldn't you know it...Cory conveniently called him a few minutes later. Thanks hun!

Mark wanted a chocolate, rainbow cake. I am able to create a lot of "artsy" things. Cakes are not one of the mediums that I am comfortable with so doing this cake was a STRETCH for me. As simple as it looks, I am very happy with it. Of course, it was served with a side of green mint chocolate chip ice cream.
My boys have a "thing" for beyblades. They are almost to the point that they might need an intervention since they are playing with them ALL the time. Beyblades are like a top- you pull a cord and they spin around. The last one spinning wins. Well, Mark received TWO of them from his brothers. He is currently in beyblade HEAVEN!
His other birthday wishes were to have german pancakes for breakfast and for me to make pizza.  Both of which were successful!

Happy birthday Mark!  I love how when we play UNO, whenever you play a card you yell "BOUYA!!" I love that you know how to use my ipod better then me. I love your cuddles, kisses and smiles.   Your mamma loves you!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blogging funk

I'm finding myself in a sort of blogging funk. I don't know what to say or to talk about. I don't really have any pictures to post and to top it off, I really don't have any readers so does it matter anyway?!
 For this blogging funk that I am in. Here are some nonessential-random photos not for your amusement...but feel free to enjoy them anyway.
MMmmm.....toe jam.

Having a bad day? Try a fire. It always works.  And BTW,  Luke makes THE BEST toasted marshmallows EVER.

Playing Ticket to Ride. I love this game! I was one orange car away from taking it all!! James, on the other hand, was very happy with his red road.

And continuing with James.. this is the jewelry  holder that he made for me for Christmas. I told him I wanted something so I could SEE all of my sparkely things. This is what he came up with. I love it!

These are Luke's books for the semester. Right now he is very excited to read the books...however...I doubt. but really hope,  the same excitement will be around very long. He already has 4 books do in the next three weeks. Yeah Luke! 
I am in the process of digitizing my mom's photos. This is one of my favorite so far from my childhood. My sister is on the far left, then myself and then my brother has a messy face. It just amuses me. I love my family! Since I began at the beginning of the month,  I have already digitized more than 2200 photos/negatives. I have loved looking at all of the old photos. There are many  many to go. Yeah!

blah. Next time will be better.