Sunday, April 17, 2011

Twelfth Night

Cast picture.

For the past two year I have been a mentor for the local commonwealth. I have loved it! I have grown so much as a person and have probably learned more than the scholars. As the cherry on top of our two semesters of studying Shakespeare, we performed the play Twelfth Night.(yes that was an interesting play to edit to an appropriate script!!!) You may remember that last year we performed Comedy of Errors. What an experience!! I love watching professionals perform Shakespeare, but there is something magical when 12 and 13 year olds perform and understand it. They did such a great job!

Malvolio with his yellow stocking in confinement for going crazy!

Luke was Duke Orsinio.
Which thankfully, although a main character, was a lot smaller than last year's play.

When the Duke decides to love Viola who has been secretly serving him as a man.

Luke's studies have increased a lot this year and a larger part might have been a detriment. Luke had to play the romantic role. And although he didn't have as many lines, it was a BIG STRETCH for him to act romantic and in love.

The Duke Orsinio expressing his love for Olivia!!

It was very interesting to cast the play. I was the director and a good friend of mine, Kalleen, was the producer. When we sat down after auditions, we immediately felt the weight of the play. We have been trained that the play isn't about the "play." Its about the scholars experience. They learn and grow so much and those things are more important than the performance of the play. I love watching the scholars' self esteem grow and their confidence soar!! One of the students who received a larger part was so overwhelmed. He struggled memorizing the 13 line soliloquy in the previous semester. He was faced with memorizing well over 100 lines. He struggled at first, but then something clicked and the lines just flowed out of him. When it was time for opening night, he was nervous but he did great! Each performance after that he did better and better. It was very inspiring to me. To watch him dig deep and find the courage to take the part and not to quit was so great! What a great example to me of "doing hard things."

The Duke Orsinio looking for Olivia, he solicits Feste's help to fetch her from the house.

Several other students would hardly whisper in class. At first I didn't even think they would go on stage! But they did! And they said their lines and gave a great big smile after conquering this fear in them.

BIG thanks for those who came and watched!! It meant so much!! Especially my sister who traveled so far to watch with her Key of Liberty class. Katy you're the best!!

Sigh. But now it is over. Sniff. And I am not mentoring the class next year as I have other things I need to focus on. Sniff sniff. I will miss these amazing scholars!!! I know I will see them at times, but it won't be the same. I am not the same as I was when I began mentoring. I am changed. What a great feeling!

I am anxious to discover our next adventure! I'll let you know what it soon as i figure it out. :-)

Happy day!