Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ring of Fire in Southern Utah

This year to our delight, we were able to witness this year's Ring of Fire. How lucky are we that we live right in the prime viewing area! I LOVE LOVE LOVE astronomy. One of my favorite classes in high school was astrophysics. I remember seeing a partial solar eclipse in my teen years through my Dad's welding mask. I also remember watching a full lunar eclipse in the mountains in Wyoming at my relatives house. So I was EXTREMELY excited when I found out about the solar eclipse that was happening in our area of Southern Utah.
Check out all of those cars!! I've never seen so many!
Don't look at the sun! Unless you have some styling glasses!

We decided to have a picnic on top of the overlook of town. The hills to the east of town  provided a great place to watch. Apparently  many other people thought so too since I counted 67 cars on the overlook! (In the 11 years we've lived here, I have only encountered one other car on the dirt roads of the overlook.) There were so many people! It was crazy!

Side note...Luke got a haircut. I will try not to show my jubilation lest it encourages him to grow it out again. Seriously, it makes him look a lot older. Yikes.

Cory taught the boys how to see the eclipse with the pin hole and through the shadows of crossed fingers.
Doing the pin hole experiment. They even walked around and showed other people how to do it. I was surprised how many people didn't have any eye protection.
Ring of Fire shadow!! It only lasted about 3 minutes.

He wore more cookies then glasses.

We also had the sunglasses. They are an amazing fashion statement as well--probably the same designers that made those lovely boots. However Mark was more interested in the cookies that came with the picnic. 

It really was an amazing experience. It gave me chills watching the power of the heavens manifest itself to us. I really don't think the kids will forget this experience. --ok Mark might only remember the cookies.


As you know, I have been unable to wear  MY OWN shoes for the past 3 months. All I have been allowed to wear is the big, black boots that were prescribed by my doctor. Apparently, shoe designers were not involved in the process of making these boots attractive and comfortable. If you know a shoe designer, please make them aware of this huge market that is available.

These boots were not enjoyable (granted, they were much more enjoyable then when I was stuck in a wheelchair) and more fashionable, comfortable boots would be greatly appreciated!!
 The doctor has finally given me the green light to start wearing shoes. When the date came to finally put on the shoes. I honestly thought that the transition would be easier. I didn't expect how weak my ankles and feet would feel. After all, I have been walking now for a month and I thought that I had made a lot of progress. Ok I'm sure I've made a lot of progress, but it became apparent very quickly that I was not ready for THESE babies. They were fun to look at though.

No. No cute shoes yet. I guess I still need the ultra-supportive-secure-those-ankles-shoes. They look like these. My feel are still so swollen that I can't even fit my feet into regular shoes yet! But hey, its not the boots!!!

So now I am wearing the shoes a few hours of the day while my ankles get stronger. Each day I am able to wear the shoes a little longer.

 Although, I am very slow when I walk and my ankles feel like they could roll at any time. It is so nice to be in shoes that don't feel like cement blocks.  Even if they aren't the cutest shoes out there.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bow ties

Luke has worn a few bow ties in his lifetime.

 His first bow tie was part of a small local singing group that he was part of. They sang a lot of fun folk songs and Broadway songs. Luke has a lot of fond memories of those days and is still friends with many of the kids that were in the group.

 His next bow tie adventure was when he was 11 years old. He was in the summer production of The Music Man jr.  He joined late in the play, but still had a great time. He was part of the quartet that sang barbershop wherever they went. It was his first introduction to the theater and he has loved it ever since.
Last week Luke wore a bow-tie again! This time to the Spring Commonwealth Ball. He looks rather dashing I think! He borrowed the vest and tie from his cousin (who just got his mission call to South Korea! Yeah Tim!) and it was made from his other very talented cousin.  He had a great time with his commonwealth friends. Another school year is coming to an end. Let the summer fun begin!