Monday, March 19, 2012

And the cast is off!

I have now had my two feet broken for an entire month.

A whole month of no walking or anything else that requires feet.

My left foot has been in a hard cast for the last 3 weeks. Right after the car accident I had reconstructive surgery to make my left foot usable again. When the doctor saw the MRI of the foot, he said to me "your bones are sawdust." Not exactly what you want to hear after a car accident. A month ago, on the 19th, we rear-ended a big truck. My feet were on my seat near the dash and when we hit, the air bags went off. Thus...don't put your feet on the dash!!

Today I got my staples out AND my cast came off. I HATED the was a nightmare. With the boot, I could at least take it off at night whereas the cast was always on. I have had to had to rely on everyone for just about everything. I spend most of my days on my bed with my feet up. It is difficult to maneuver through my house in a wheelchair. I do the best I can, but really, its easier to just stay on the bed. My pain is much more manageable when my legs are elevated as well.
The kids have been a great help to me. They are always filling up my water and bringing me whatever it is I need. I have also had an amazing support group from my church and from the commonwealth. Thank you ladies! I am so grateful for all of the emails, texts, visits, phone calls, and cards. It has kept me going when it all seems so overwhelming.

I was so excited to get my cast off! I was not prepared for it though, it was freaky!! To have that saw vibrating so close my leg was a little unnerving.

The staples came out next. I was very unprepared for this. I expected a little pull. Well..nope. It was really the most painful experience since they set my feet back at the ER.

But now, I have a lovely boot on my left foot to go along with my boot on the right. I wish I could say they were matching, but as you can see...they are not. But do you know who cares? NOT ME!

Two more weeks till I can start walking! Yeah!! I'm going to have to learn how to do it all over again. But hey, I've done all of this so far so why quit now!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My ten little toes

This is when I could see my ten toes.

I could see my ten toes on my birthday.

I was so happy to have so many friends come over and visit my ten toes as well.

My former scouts came and saw my ten toes as well. They even paper plate danced for me!! (Don't you wish I was your primary chorister! Then you could paper plate dance too!)

Then the doctor wanted to check on my ten toes...warning...don't look if you're squeamish...

He tells me that my toes are so cute! But, the feet and ankles are still broken. Bonus..The plates inside my left foot will grant me a card to bypass the scanners at the airport.

He then puts a hard cast on my left foot and booted up my right. Now I can only see five little toes. But at least I can see my sister's house as well.