Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!

My Luke's birthday is today! He is 12 years old!!! Time seems to have FLOWN by these past 12 years. He is an awsome kid!!
A few memories....hhhmmm....
Well..there was the time, when he was 2, that he locked himself in the car (with the keys) when we were visiting Grandma Brown. We had to call the cops to get him out.
Or...the time he had all the nursury kids all scared of him..they all hid in the corner from him.
Lots of good times!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Primary Party!

We got so wet! A firetruck, water kickball and a dunking booth!! What more could a primary want!

At the primary activity! Luke and Ben tried to knock him in but Brandi ended up sneeking up from behind!

Thank you everyone that helped out! All of the moms that stayed and helped was so appreciated!! Especially everyone who held my little Marky Mark. It meant a lot to me. :-)

Whew! Where to begin...

While Luke was at Scout camp, those of us who were stuck behind had some fun of our own. We saw the movie "UP" for starters. How come NOBODY told me it was SAD! :--( We also did a lot of cleaning and such..James was a GREAT help!
We also found a very cool book at the library that was about paper airplanes. I am NOT a good paper airplane maker, but James was determine enough to make them that he READ the directions and figured it out. YEAH JAMES! Here is some of his prize planes. We had a lot of fun.

And Marky Mark turned 6 months old! He is rolling and gooing. He loves pears, peaches and squash. He is such a sweet baby. I love him so much!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scout Camp!

This last week I had the pleasure/stress of sending Luke and Cory off to a week of scout camp. Cory came home on thurs but luke was there the entire time. They had a great time! Luke earned 4 merit badges, most of which go towards his Eagle. It was a stretch for both Luke and Myself to have him go away for a while. I'm sure it was good for him, I just really love my kids around and it was hard to not have my Luke to joke around with. :--) So I'm glad he made some great memories!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I have been convinced to make a batch of Pink Sugar Lotion. That lotion that I SWORE I wouldn't make until Christmas Time. I received the bottles and so tonight I plan on making some. I will have about 24 bottles made.....half of these are already spoken for. SO...if you would like a bottle, get a hold of me either here or give me a call! The lotion will not have the PDS lable on it, just a simple Pink Sugar lable. They will be available for pickup BEFORE Wednesday. They are still $7 a bottle.

Its a first come first serve!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


For the last month, Luke has been working so hard for this crazy play. Every day we would take him to practice. Then all evening he and James would sing sing sing these songs that I now have MEMORIZED!

A few highlights!

Mr.Bucket and Mrs. Bucket :-)

Notice the play by play by Ben..he loves to inform everyone who his favorite person on stage is.

Obama-man can......errr....the Candyman can!! This song gets stuck in my head!

Luke was in three songs. This one was my favorite. He would sing it all around the house. "Think positive!"

THE END!! All of the kids did such a great job! One month of insanity for a great boost to their self confidence! Way to go!! Next year the group is going to do "Honk!" We have already started listening to the music for it.