Monday, November 25, 2013

James the Scientist

This year, James decieded that he wanted to teach science classes. He has loved every minute of it! He gathers with a few kids from around the area and they do science experiments together.  Some of their favorite ones have been putting light bulbs in the microwave, lighting paper on fire and it not burning, levitating a match, breaking a ruler with a newspaper and more! He really has loved researching different science experiments and how they work. It is normal for him to arrive home after science club to grab his science books and start finding the ones he wants to do next time.
All the kids! They are a super fun bunch!
These are a few pictures from his Halloween special he did. All things gooey and spooky!

James dressed up as a mad scientist and acted the part the entire time!
They made the ghosts float...using static electricity.

Ack! Its gak!

...lots of gak!

Even though it was on fire, the paper didn't burn! So spooky!
Keep up the good work James!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year, Halloween was on Thursday. Thursday is a very busy day in our household since that is the day that we participate in the Washington county Commonwealth and Jr. Commonwealth. It is a day packed full of classes for the kids and lots of teaching fun for me.
This is Mark's best bud Matthew. They are inseparable at the Jr commonwealth. They held still for about 3 seconds while I snapped this picture and then they were off playing again.

Jr Commonwealth was full of games and halloween treats. Mark was a happy participant!

Ben was a power ranger and this is his favorite friend Matea. She is a cutie and a sweetie!

James was a mad scientist. He pulled it off very nicely.

Mark was trying to get his pal Paul to smile for the picture. This is as close as we came.

We love our Commonwealth schools! They are such a blessing to us. We are able to be around some amazing women and their kids.

And best of all, no not Cory's man-eating-pumpkin, James' took the boys trick or treating. They came back with pounds of candy and they had a great time.  Yeah James!
Luke is absent from these photos...he was partying hard with his commonwealth peeps until late that night. To compensate, here is a favorite from a few years ago.
Happy Fall!!