Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This story feels like deja-vo. A car accident and then surgery. Where have I experienced this before?! the middle of February? I've definitely heard this story before.
A refresher of last year..
Last February I was in a car accident that left me with two broken feet. I was unable to walk for 2 months and then I had boots on for another 6 weeks. It was not fun. At. All. The accident was on Sunday and the following Monday and Tuesday I was in surgery. I wasn't even released from the hospital until Thursday! It was a long week.

Earlier this month my foot doctor told me that he was unable to help my left foot until we removed the plates that were put there to replace my bones. Now that the bones have grown back the plates are no longer necessary.  the pain in my left foot had been increasing and I found myself using a lot of over the counter pain meds. Not fun! Surgery was scheduled for February 22. Last year, my surgeries were on Feb 20th and the 21st!

 Cory and I set up a plan to make things the easiest for me after the surgery. I made a meal list, chore list and all the things I wanted to get done before I was unable to. I was doing all of this and then my little boys and I headed to Costco to get the groceries. Well..I was driving down the street and approaching an intersection. A car in oncoming traffic was at that intersection and decided to turn and cross in front of me. Well..I braked as hard as I could but alas, we hit. I really do not like the smell of air bags. My car was totaled. Thankfully my boys were ok. I  needed some x-rays on my hand but it turned out everything was ok. It was a long few days being in a hand brace and a foot boot!

Surgery was still a go for the next day. We arrived bright and early and everything went pretty smoothly.  They even sent the plates and screws home with me!!--I think a necklace of some-sort will be in the works with them! They left the pins in since they were so deep.

I went in a few days later and had the stitches checked. Everything looks great! They even used the SAME scar! NICE! --now for some feet pictures. Oh yeah!

 I think next February I will be staying home.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family Prayers

I wanted to share what we have added to our Family Home Evening. Cory and I noticed that prayers in our family were getting redundant. They went something like this "Thank thee today was a good day. Please help us sleep good tonight. Please help tomorrow be a good day."
I really hope that we're not the only ones with family prayers sounding like that!
Our Family Prayer board helps us to remember what we're thankful for and blessings we are praying for.
Last fall at my retreat that I host, one of our presenters spoke about keeping track of what you wanted to pray for. Her memory is something like mine. At 3pm I would think of something that I wanted to pray for but by the time evening prayers come around, I would have forgotten. She suggested a notebook for personal use to keep track. I decided to use this with my family.

I purchased a picture frame, with glass, from the DI.  Then I printed a simple page to be placed  in the frame. I also found some dry erase markers to write on the glass. I love it when its simple!

Now, during Family Home Evening, we discuss what we would like on the prayer board. We can add anytime during the week. Then, at prayer time, the board is placed by whomever is saying the prayer. They take a moment to look over the list and then the prayer is said. We're even ok if they have to peek a little to help them pray. Its not a deciding list of what we pray for, but it is helping us think of other things to be said in our prayers.
Anyhoo, I just thought I'd share!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Quick trip

This past weekend one of my favorite friends agreed to let me tag along with her on a day trip to Salt Lake City. A favorite of hers was getting married in the Draper temple and she didn't want to travel alone. I love a quick trip, so I begged and pleaded for her to let me tag alone.
 At the crack of dawn, well..maybe a little earlier then a crack, we scurried off on a 4 hour drive to the Draper temple. I had never been to the Draper temple and so I was very excited to go. I was also looking forward to spend most of my day giggling with my friend and her family.
 The temple was completely rewarding. The peace that I find inside gives me strength and courage to tackle my trials.  We also visited with her sons, who were completely awesome and I hope my boys love me like that in 5 years!!

After the whirlwind trip, we arrived home in time to tuck in my boys as they went to bed. I felt recharged and I loved the new insights that I gained from the temple, new friends, and all of those fantastic giggles.

Thanks, Sherri, for a great day!!