Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ben meets the walker

To assist me around the house and when I'm out, I have been using a very helpful tool. A walker. It is great for helping me maintain my balance and stability. It can also double as a chair if I am feeling week in the ankles and need to sit down in a random place (which I totally have).

Ben has become good friends with the "walker". It has become a new place to experience what his body is capable of doing.

Let me explain...if I can.

Sitting comfortably on the handle bars..I seem to remember riding on my sisters bike like this while she drove. Once.

Almost a hand-stand. I was never good at them either. No worries Ben, I still love ya.

Planking of course. Makes me miss my days at Phazes!! Someday I will return for good!!

The dare devil. Show-off.

Just chillin.

Look Mom! One handle!

I love this kind of entertainment.

On a side note, tomorrow I start physical therapy. I am super-duper nervous. I have very little range of motion in my feet/ankles so I KNOW its going to be a slightly painful experience. Woo! Lets do it and get it over with!!! Hopefully, within a month, I will be wearing my own shoes again.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby steps

This week was my 6 week checkup with my foot surgeon. I have been looking forward to this visit because of the prospect of beginning to walk again. It has been a frustrating 6 weeks as I have been confined to a wheelchair or my bed. As grateful as I am for all of the help from my neighbors and friends, there is just a sense of accomplishment when you are able to do your own dishes and refill your own water glass.

This is the x-ray right after surgery. You can even see some fractures in it. They removed several bones that were shattered, but I don't know where they were suppose to be or what their names are. But its still interesting to look at.

Update on my scars. I really feel the scars are looking so much better.

Left Foot

Right Foot

Dr.Reber did a great job on my feet. I am very pleased with all of the care that he has given. All of the nurses and care givers at the Foot and Ankle institute in St.George have been great. No complaints at all! When Dr. Reber saw me this week, he looked at the new x-rays, examined my feet and then told me that it was time to start walking. YES! I was praying for those words!! My feet are healing right on schedule. Time to walk!!

Let the walking begin!!!

No joke...this walking thing is HARD. I literally feel like I am taking baby steps around the house. I walk to the kitchen..I take a break. Walk to the living room..whew!..take a break! I have a huge boot on each leg (that I get to wear for at least for another month) and that makes it awkward to move very gracefully. So I plunk along. I really don't care. I am just happy that we have made it this far. :)