Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

I wasn't going to blog about this, but I am feeling particularly grateful for Cory. He has been so patient with me lately. RAINN day really did a wringer on me, and the recovery has been intense at moments. But he has been nothing but great for me.

Earlier this month he asked me to homecoming at the college. He is a senior at Dixie and is getting to graduate in a few weeks (WOO HOO!!)

Remember way way WAY back in high school when you asked someone to a dance and you would do it in a silly way. Well, for one of the dances back in High school he asked me to homecoming. He filled up my bedroom with a bunch of balloons with puzzle pieces in them. Then I had to pop the balloons and put the puzzle together. (and yes...I STILL have that puzzle..) When I came home from Shakespeare class earlier this month and walked into my bathroom imagine the squeal I gave as balloons came toppling on me. He had once again filled the balloons with puzzle pieces for me to put together. And he asked me to go to the homecoming ball. Ahhh sweet I know!!!

And of course I said YES!!

We had such a good time! We went to the Gala and had a lovely dinner of chicken cordon bleu. Then we danced the night away! The theme for the dance was "Tale as old as Time" from the movie Beauty and the Beast. The first part of the dance was for the dance majors. --well it seemed like it anyway. It was 50's music and big band music. Everyone there knew how to do the jitterbug and the swing. They looked great! I felt just slightly intimidated. At one time in my life I knew how to do the fun dances, but those days were a LONG time ago. My feet got a little tangled it was great! After the first hour they had a DJ come and provide the music --of which I recognized NONE of the songs. But it was still fun!
We doubled with Cory's sister and Ken-they were so fun!

After we were done dancing, (like at about 10) we decided that we were beat and were going to head home. I know, big time partiers. we went out to the fountain and became true REBELS and kissed in the pond. -The water was really really cold.

It was a night to remember! My hubby spoiled me and pampered me. I loved it!
Thank you Cory for such a memorable evening!
I love ya!

Yeah James!!

This last week in scouts James recieved his Webelos badge and his Arrow of Light. He has worked so hard for these awards. He has alwasys loved scouts, andthankfully he has had some great scout leaders that have been very patient with him. His leaders wanted to do something very special for him so that he would always remember his arrow of light, so they flipped him upside down and congratulated him. He laughed so hard! He loved it! It fitted James just perfectly. He is such a physical kid that doing something physical to help is right on his level.

Way to go James! We love you!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random events aka lots of pictures

For the last few months there have been several things that have happened that I have wanted to blog about. But since my life has been insane, I am now creating a modge podge of a post with everything that I wanted to blog about...but procrastinated until now. :-D

Ben camping with his dad for Fathers and Sons outing...he got really dirty.

This is at Cory's work. We love to go visit him and have him take us for rides in his golf cart.

Cory and Luke were able to participate in the CERT training locally. This is Luke with his practice bandage eye.

Luke and I went to the Shakespeare festival and watched Merchant of Venice. We saw the green show too. Luke spoiled me! He bought me a treat every time he turned his head! We had a great time!

We went to Dixie's first day of school hoora thing.
Ben was able to shoot Osama with an air soft gun.....

James, Luke and Cory were able to climb the rock wall....

And Ben loved his sucker, snow cone and cotton candy. Yummy!

Cory tried a wasn't

The Brown reuion was held in Nevada this year. We went camping.... a condo in Vegas. My kind of camping!!!

We also spent a day at circus circus. It was great to see my family again.

Luke earned 14 merit badges this summer. He is earning his Life in November. Then he only has 5 merit badges and an eagle project to go! CRAZYNESS!

I took my awsome scouts to the 100 year event. The day was CRAZY! At the end, we watched a spectacular fire work show and listened to some great speakers. But this was the view in front of me the whole evening! It drove me just wanted to reach up and POP it.

Cory went with the Boy scouts in the morning. Luke and his friend Jimmy were able to participate with the ham-radio call to the space station. They even got to talk to the astronauts! They loved it!

Luke finished the Shakespeare Race again this year. He read/watched/ or listened to 17 plays. The rules were a little stricter, so it took him 2 weeks to do it this time. Good job Luke!