Friday, June 29, 2012

16 years!

This past weekend Cory and I celebrated our 16 year wedding anniversary. i love doing something for our anniversary-OK I love doing something fun any time with Cory. That is why I love date night.

We traveled up to Brian Head and stayed in a condo. It was lovely and I would go back in a heartbeat except the bed was as comfortable as the floor. It was a terrible bed. 

It was nice and green at Brian Head. I had only been there in the fall and winter, so it was nice to see all of the wildflowers.

I beat him at pool. Ok I'll clarify. I got all of my pool balls in the pockets before he did. Even if I did sink the black ball in the wrong pocket in the end. Sheesh.

We made an amazing dinner. I rarely cook steak. I don't see the excitement in steak. Well if my Dad cooks it I do since he can make it so divine. But I still make them a little...tough. But it was still a very delightful dinner on the mountain.

We rode to the top of the ski lift. It was INSANELY windy. With my weak feet and the gravel that was difficult for me to balance on, I could barely stand up at the top! Seriously, I could have blown over. I felt like a big sail. =)
We rode to the top of the ski lift. It was INSANELY windy. With my weak feet and the gravel that was difficult for me to balance on, I could barely stand up at the top! Seriously, I could have blown over. I felt like a big sail. =)

On the way home we drove through Cedar Breaks and Zion. I love the red rock here in southern Utah.

I have a great time with the love of my life.
Happy Anniversary!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Angels around me

ok don't watch the video, just listen to it while your read. =)  I'm not a big fan of this song, but it says a lot of what I've been thinking about.

Its no secret that for the past 4 months my life has been turned upside down and inside out. What was up seemed down and what was left was right. I found my life in a place that I never expected let alone planed on.

I think everyone will have at least one of those moments. I had that moment when I was assaulted back in college. I never expected to find myself with that feeling again.

I was in a car accident that left me with two broken feet. No weight on my feet AT ALL. It was a wheelchair for me for the next six weeks. To say it wasn't fun is an understatement. Cory had his own health problems at the time that he had to deal with, so I felt very alone.
Me and my chair. I don't miss it. At. All.

I was anything but alone.  I didn't expect the love and support that I found myself surrounded with. Almost immediately my family was surrounding me. My neighbors and church members came to my aid. For the next six weeks, I was literally never alone. It totally saved me. My family and friends became my angels. They would call me when I was down, visit me, cook for me, clean for me, take care of my kids, bring me flowers, take care of my animals, doing my taxes, celebrating my birthday, even giving money and I could go on and on.  From texting all night to the late night chats to the emergency nacho runs. It was the love and support that I needed. It was the hardest thing that I had dealt with since the assault in college and I was so blessed to have amazing women get me through it.

I wanted to share an experience that I had during all of this. I call it my three miracles. It took place about a month after the accident.

I went to church and put on that brave smile. The kind of smile when you don't want everyone to see the pain you really feel. I was so happy to be at church, but my spirits weren't where I wanted them to be. I had that dark cloud smothering me.

I came home after an hour. My kids stayed at church. I was by myself. The cloud won and I became an emotional wreck. I found myself praying until I was able to get a grip on myself. I prayed and begged my Heavenly Father to send me someone to help me get through the day.

Soon after I prayed the phone rang. It was my friend. She often calls when she is "thinking about me." I put on that fake smile and schmoozed my way through the call.  When I hung up I started to cry again realizing that I had been sent someone to cheer me up, and I blew it off. I begged my Heavenly Father to give me a second chance and to send someone else.

At Physical Therapy. They were increasing my circulation.

Within an hour my dear friend came over. Then  another. Then another.  This went on all afternoon and evening. At one point I had 5 people in my room visiting me. And they all brought goodies.   My sorrows were forgotten and I felt so much love from my friends and neighbors as well from my Heavenly Father. This was my first miracle.

My second miracle that night came when one of my friends came over to help me with my taxes. We had been send a form from the IRS saying we had received a student pell grant. Umm..nope. No grant money here. Since we're required to file it we had to file it. It affected my refund quite a bit. I had just received the go ahead to file an amendment to my taxes. We went online to start the paperwork and we discovered that the IRS had already found and fixed the problem and were going to send me the correct adjusted refund--which was just what I needed to pay our lawyer.

But then I had my third miracle that day. I found out that someone paid the lawyer fee for us.
With my mom. I loved her visits.

Never have I felt so grateful. I knew that even in my darkest days, I had not been forgotten by my Heavenly Father or my friends and neighbors.

I can not say thank you enough. If you thought of me during this time of trial, THANK YOU. There were mornings that I had to pray myself out of bed. Those days I felt the power of prayers said for me.  It kept me going just as much as those lovely ladies.