Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

This last weekend my DH and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. And since we haven't really celebrated our anniversary for a while we decided to take a little vacation. We went to Mesquite for our 8th anniversary (where my engagement ring was stolen!) and then we went to Provo, UT for our 5th.--so we felt LONG overdue for some time AWAY FROM THE KIDS! So, Sunday we traveled to Lee's Ferry, AZ and stayed in a very quaint motel. The motel had so much character that we thought it was straight out of an old movie. But on the inside, it was great! It was so nice and cute that we will probably stay there again sometime. On Monday we traveled to Page and enjoyed a leisurely raft ride down the Colorado for about 15 miles. It was so much fun that I would love to do it again. It was very smooth--no rapids. But we did get drenched in that very cold Colorado River. I was still shivering and wet when we arrived home 4 hours later. It was a great time!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New to the blogging world

OK I admit it. I am probably the only 30+ gal around that hasn't started at least one blog.

A little introduction.

I am a homeschooling mom of 3 boys. We model our education around the 7 keys given in "A Thomas Jefferson Education" by Dr. Oliver DeMille. I hear myself chant "Inspire Not Require....Inspire Not Require....You not Them...You not Them....." as I try to encourage my boys with their love of learning. Oh it is SO much easier to tell them to do 10 pages of this and write that 7 times. But I have learned, that when the WANT to learn something enough, with the right enviroment, not only do they learn so much faster--but they retain it as well.
My DH is currently working on his undergraduate degree. He works full time also, so that I can stay home with the munchkins. Our 12th anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. Love you hun!
We are very involved in church. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. ---aka ...we're Mormons. DH is a sunday school teacher and I serve in the Primary. Speaking of which..I really need to work on my sharing time for Sunday.