Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shall we dance 1..2..3...

Each year our commonwealth has a end of year "prom". It is not really a prom, just a formal dance. The kids love getting dressed up and dancing the night away. The student council is in charge of planning it and since I am in charge of the student council, it kinda fell upon my shoulders.

My dear friend graciously allowed us to use her back yard. It is such a charming yard that was the perfect background to our party.

The student council met eariler in the day and decorated. What an adventure that was! We used plastic tape to make a hoop chandelier. It turned out really great!..but it was a nightmare to make!

They all worked very hard and pulled it off spectacularly!
Finally got it up!

Don't my boys look handsome!!

Everyone arriving.
We had dance instruction at the begining to teach the waltz and the quick step. The kids did great!

James was....not interested. But he did end up dancing later in the evening.

Luke loves dancing and fit right in!

The dance was a Masquerade. Everyone came with masks and look so lovely!

Dancing, dancing and more dancing!
All of the handsome young men.

Lots of elegant young women.

I brought a bunch of sick mustaches. The scholars had a lot of fun with them.

And so did some of the adults.
My lovely friend and her beautiful daughter. We are so grateful that she let us use her yard. It was perfect!
Things calmed down later in the evening. It was very memorable for everyone who attended.