Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pickle what?

For Christmas, from Grandma Brown, the boys received a Pickle Ball set. When I told Grandma that the boys would like a Pickle Ball set, she was like.... "A Pickle what?"

Well Grandma came through! We set out recently for our first pickle ball excursion.

And what a blast!!!

The rules are similar to tennis and table tennis. Serve the ball corner to corner, one bounce inside the square, and you can only get a point if you serve. We only have 2 pickle ball paddles so the younger two played with the tennis rackets while the rest of us took turns playing.

Luke and I played the first game. The game is suppose to go to 11 points and you win by 2. But, it soon became apparent that we needed to play only to 7 points since we weren't gaining any points.

We had a great time and plan to go out again this week.
And that has nothing to do with me winning the first game. :)