Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9 months old!!

Marky Mark is 9 months old!! He is already crawling around pretty fast and he really loving food. Cheerios seem to be his favorite.


Another Summitt was last week. My boys had a great time! Luke has been practicing his sword fighting skills A LOT this last year.--Thanks Uncle James for those lessons! His practice paid off since he WON to be the Queen's Champion. They successfully defended the kingdom and were COMPLETELY worn out by the end of the day. I was even able to be involved and share a couple of storied from my family history--thanks Dad!

Rising of the flag in the morning. They also did a marching demonstration.

Luke in the championship showdown.

Yeah! He won!

Here he is being named Queen's champion!

And the battle ensues!!

It is up to the queen's champion to defeat the dark knight after he is captured by the other brave knights.

The victory parade!!

Sir James

Sir Luke

Love you boys!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Its a wedding!!

Last week a "friend" of mine asked me to help her out. She had been asked to decorate for a last minute wedding reception. And since I can never turn down a good adventure, we went at it!

This afternoon was the big day for Tana and Clint. Thank you everyone that helped out!!! We begged and borrowed a lot but it was the only way we could have done it. THANK YOU!

Here is what we finally came up with.

The happy couple!! Congratulations Tana and Clint!!

We attempted to do a music theme. After much trial and error this is the centerpiece. We rolled up music and tied them with ribbon. Then we placed some garland around them and the flowers that Tana made. SO inexpensive but the most talked about item of the day!!

A little closer view of the music.

This was obviously before we cleaned up...how embarrassing... a FABULOUS gal in the ward donated the wood for this sign and another FABULOUS gal made it so PERFECT! It fit right into the theme of music. THANKS KENDRA AND KERI!! They LOVED it!!

The quilt that Tana and her grandmother made. It was BEAUTIFUL!! On it was embroidered a picture of the St.George temple along with Tana and Clint's name.

Close up of the back drop.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A few random happenings....

Mark is learning to pull himself onto furniture....

...and fall down.
He is now 8 months old! Wowzers!

Luke recieved his second class and a bunch of merit badges

He then ran home from the church since he is working on his physical fitness merit badge.

We went to the corn maze and got really really lost. After a couple of hours we finally emerged. We were the last ones out of the maze


Mark chilled in the stroller.

The older boys were waiting at the farm for us. Ben found a cob of corn that became his best friend.

He wouldn't put it down. And I'm to lazy to make the picture upright so just tilt your head.
Ahh he finally did put down the corn!! But he has it now on top of our piano with our pumpkin..he loves that sweet corn.