Sunday, April 28, 2013

Suprise! Suprise!!

There are good surprises and not good surprises. Both I have experienced. Thank goodness this was a pleasant suprise!
On Tuesday Morning James came running into the house exclaiming that our chicken had chicks! To this, I was SHOCKED. In order to have baby chickees, there must be a rooster!..Which we just got rid of a few weeks ago. 
But sure enough, there were nice little fuzz balls peeping around the yard. 

And they are SO cute!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Taming of the Shrew

Every year our commonwealth performs a Shakespeare play with the kids that are taking the Shakespeare Conquest class. It is so enjoyable to watch these 12-13yr old kids spouting Shakespeare. I've directed it in the past and have LOVED it. 
This year it was the play Taming of the Shew. The class did it in the style of the 50's. And they were SPECTACULAR!
Thankfully, James had a small part with LOTS of character. His grandma made his  flavorful jacket. It was fantastic looking on stage.
Before opening night!

James with Grumio.

skip the first minute..the camera just started a little early.

Way to go James!!! Its been so fun to watch you grow with Shakespeare!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hiking fun!!

Last weekend Cory took Luke and James on a little hike. was suppose to be little. James is working on his hiking merit badge and needed to do a ten miler. No biggie right? (For me it would be!!)

Cory loves to hike! So I told him to he volunteered to take him on a hike. They ended up hiking into Touquerville Falls. It was five miles in and five back out. Here are some pictures of their adventures!
Almost there!
You can see the falls to the right of Luke. There were lots and lots of hills on the hike.

Made it!

According to the boys, the water was FREEZING!
On the way back! If you look closely, you can see LaVerkin in the background. The road that they walked you can see from our house!

 Thanks Cory for taking them! They had a great time!!