Friday, September 21, 2012

Farewell Tim!!!

There are signs in your life when you think...hhmm...I'm feeling old right now. This past week I was able to experience such a moment.

Melissa and her four kids at the time.
My sister in law, Melissa, is one of my favorite people. She has been a single mom for most of the time she has been a mom. She has 6 amazing kids.  I. Love. Her. Kids. I think I favor them so much because early in our marriage we lived in their basement when the kids were all under the age of 5. We also lived in Seattle at the same time and I was able to help babysit them.  They are super smart and the most respectful kids I ever knew. As a mom, I have really tried to raise my kids as well as Melissa has hers. Even now that her kids are growing up and moving on, they seem to be a tight bunch. Their lives have gone in different directions, but they always seem to have each others back.
Christian, Tim, Luke playing in the sand. I think in '04.
Luke, Christian and Tim. They look so young!
Her oldest boy, Tim, left for his LDS mission this week. He will be serving the people of Seoul, Korea for the next 2 years. He is fine young man who will be an honorable missionary.

This is why I feel old. I remember when Tim was born. Cory and I were dating and Cory was preparing for his mission. ( I met Cory the weekend that his older sister, Heather, was born. But I don't count that one since I really didn't know them.)  I love my in-laws and feel very blessed to have them part of my family.
Grandpa Sutton, Tim and Grandma Sutton. Tim does look like a head grew out of his shoulder though..hhmm.. 

Conner, Tim and Christian. Brothers.  It will be four years before another picture like this can be taken since Christian will leave for his mission before Tim comes home.

Luke with Tim. Tim has frequently encouraged Luke to take the missionary prep classes and Luke has always looked forward to seeing him there.  Thank goodness I still have four years left before Luke is old enough for his mission!
Tim has grown up to be a great example to my boys. Tim was always so kind and patient with them.  After the car accident, Tim came over a couple of times and hung out with them. It was just what they needed.

I'm super excited for Tim's new adventure. Go Tim!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lovin' my Idaho

I love Idaho. There is no question to that. I never realized how nice it was during my childhood. I thought it was boring, bland, flat, and not much to it. However, I was wrong on all counts. Not only that, but my parents live there and visiting them is always something I look forward to. This was the case when we were able to recently visit.

The old wood shed. We would fill the shed up every winter with chopped wood. Then all during the winter we would carry it into the house.
The horizon looking to the east.  It was hazy while we were there because of all of the fires in South-Eastern Idaho this summer. Usually one can see the Teton Mountains clearly. 
The boys LOVE riding the four wheeler on grandpa's farm. But this year, I think Luke's favorite part was driving the truck instead.

Luke and Ben got stuck deep in the mud. They had to push the four wheeler out and got REALLY muddy.  And when I say mud, its not necessary mud-mud but stinky manure-mud.

James got to mow the great big lawn. He loved it!

Ben with Grandma and Grandma.

Luke climbed a huge pine tree at the park. And while he was there....
.....he took my picture.
James at the same park in Rexburg. Smith park has changed quite a bit. I was a little disapointed. I remember a large slide that would scare the geebers out of me. There was an old west jail and (monkey bar style) carriage. The carriage was still there but there wasn't much else.

Dad and me at Mesa Falls. One of my favorite places. I hate taking pictures by ourselves. I am really bad at it.

This is Mesa Falls. My feet didn't feel like going down all of the stairs so this is as close as we got. Mesa Falls is beautiful and powerful. I love it!

We played cards on Sunday evening. I think Ben won. If anyone is looking for a card game for your family, Wacky Six is our family favorite!!
Mark on THE SWING. It is always in demand and one of the favorite past-times at Grandpa's house. I use to swing on it when I was Mark's age.

We stopped by the Idaho Falls temple on the way home. This picture was taken right after Mark pulled the fire alarm in the visitors center. Those old folks sure can move fast when they need to!

The Family! You will probably see this on our Christmas card.

Love this guy!

We also stopped and saw Grandma Hanson. She is who I am named after. She always has great stories and this was no different. She talked about her garden and memories of  Grandpa. We also talked about the super water fights that the Hanson family was famous for. Those are great memories! Nothing like garbage cans full of water being dumped on you or you being dumped in.

I already miss Idaho. It was 73*. much nicer then the 102* that it was here today. However I love being around my family even more!