Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Pink Ladies at Women's Conference

Recently my LDS Ward Relief Society traveled as a group to Women's Conference in Salt Lake City.  What a great experience! I loved being with my fellow sisters in the gospel and the enlightened messages from our Relief Society leaders. I am so grateful for those who hosted us and for those who organized this huge event. 
Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
Breakfast was held in the Garden of Eden. Not literally, but it was probably the modern day equivalent.

I rarely take pictures of my food..but this one was definitely picture worthy.  That breakfast cobbler was so yummy!

This is Sheri. She doubles for super-woman on the weekend. She was the grand-organizer for the event. She had every detail thought of and every consideration worked out. She was so inspiring in her organizing. Everything went off without a hitch!

After breakfast we went SHOPPING! I had never experienced Gardner Village and was DELIGHTED with it. The witched were out in full force and it was enchanting.

Tanya and I explored the village and found quite the delights!

They have a Christmas Store! AND they had a Disney village IN the Christmas store.  How awesome is that!

The witches were fantastic!!

Sheri named Tania and me the "pink ladies." I don't see why. But I still took it as a compliment. Sheri wasn't in pink..but she is pink in her heart. ;)

Lovely Tania! One of my favorite people.

I love temple square!

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I love the temple!

We had lunch at the Nauvoo Cafe on temple square. It was so good!!

All of the ladies!

Conference was so inspiring. To hear the words of the prophet in person is very uplifting.

The choir was organized with sister missionaries. We knew that one of our sister missionaries from the area was in the choir but we couldn't find her. But we sure looked!

I will always treasure the weekend with my Relief Society sisters. It strengthened my testimony of the gospel and my friendships with my sisters.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SLC Comic Con

 For Cory's birthday in September, we traveled to Salt Lake City to experience Comic Con. It was NOT something I was looking forward to. Ok let me clarify. I WAS looking forward to spending some time with just my cutie pie hubby..I was NOT looking forward to sharing him with 50,000 people at Comic Con. I am not a fan of crowds over the size of 6 people. I feel lost in crowds and I get overwhelmed very easily. Cory promised not to lose me and that we would have a good time. He was right on BOTH counts. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Straight from the Star-ship Enterprise.
The Fett family.

The company that made the weaponry for Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit had a huge display. This cuddle-bug was way over our heads. There was also a preview of the next installment to The Hobbit, but we see it.

So clever!
From what we saw, this was the most creative costume. Who wouldn't want one of these!
Richard Paul Evens was my favorite part of the event. He is so inspiring to listen to. I walked away wanting to write my stories more then ever.  He even singled me out when a giant Frankenstein approached me and I sprayed it with glitter. I guess you had to be there.

Cory and I even dressed up for fun!
Cory was Clark Kent/Superman and I was Lois Lane with him. We had press badges and everything. Very legit.
I was SO excited to see the man in black. He didn't say "As you wish" to me, but it didn't matter...I didn't have a pitcher for him to fetch anyway.
The Goblin King was there! Good thing my babies were at home.

Did you know there is a Ghostbusters club in SLC?? Me neither! But they were at Com Con and were AWESOME!

I know its hard to tell, but there are about 50,000 people in there!! They reported that about 70-80,000 attended the entire weekend. Crazy amount of people! The line just to get in was all the way around the block. It took about an hour to go through the line. I felt bad for the people that came later in the day, when the building was full, they closed the doors and didn't let them in until some people left.

Superman would win over Luke Skywalker. Definitely.

On Saturday I was the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. (Cory opted out of dressing up.) It was quite the experience. I've never had people want to take my picture, but there were plenty that day. The little girls seemed to flock to me! I loved the ones in their little princess outfits that would just walk up to me and stare. Ha! So awesome!

We listened to Will Shatner. He was a jerk. And everyone was talking about how drunk he was. His response to the questions would be "Thats a stupid question.." or "I hate it.." Everyone would laugh at his remarks since he is a big star but nobody else would have got away with the rude remarks.

This was everywhere! Everyone had their phones out recording everything. It was like they were excited to relive what they were missing out on in that minute!

We were also able to hear Richard Hatch and dreamy Dirk Benedict.  They were hilarious and had some great chemistry with the audience. They were worth coming for!

I had a great time with my hubby on our quick getaway.  I know he wants to go next year. As for me?? Well..I'll think about it. ;) I don't know if I can come up with another costume!