Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2005 and 2010 Southern Utah Flood

About five years ago Southern Utah had its "100 year flood" and it wiped out 30 homes and even killed one person. (Side note...100 year flood means that each year there is a 1% chance of having it flood that large. Not that it only happens once every 100 years.) It was devastating. To watch the houses be washed away was so sad. That year we had 9 inches of rain and snow in about 3 days. My house is less than a quarter of a mile from the canyon that holds the river-so about a half of a mile to the river. I remember talking on the phone with my Grandma Hanson that day and she asked what that background noise was-well it was the roar of the river. Usually the river is a low, muddy, slow moving river. But dump in an excessive amount of precipitation, and it becomes a beast.

Here are some pictures that I took from our FIRST 100 year flood.

This is in Toquerville, (about 5 miles from my home) the river split and washed over the road. The road eventually had to be replaced.

In Toquerville looking to the west of where the water washed over the road.

This bridge was eventually washed out and replaced with a much nicer concrete bridge.

My boys, and a friend, standing above the canyon.

This is what they were standing in front of. The river that is usually about 10-15 feet wide and just a few feet deep, split.-Do you see that tree in the middle of the river on the left hand side...usually it was not in water.

December 21, 2010

This was in Santa Clara. After the flood of 2005, the banks were built up....way way way up. Whenever we would drive over the bride, we would almost laugh at the over zealous engenieers who designed such huge wash-ways. They looked completely overdone. However, as you can see in this picture and the one underneath, they are full! These two pictures were taken a day before it was the fullest. The next day, the water was almost touching the bridge.

At the Touquerville park. Because the sides were build up so high, the road was not washed out again.

By the Toquerville park.

At the LaVerkin edge.

For this picture, I was in the same spot as the picture above. The river was noticeably higher this year. I read one report that said that more than 18 inches of rain fell in the four-five days. Much more than the 8 inches in 2005. There were more calls to sandbag this year. However, since southern Utah learned their lesson five years ago and prepared for the worst, the damage was minimal. It could have been so much worse.

I have learned so many lessons from the flood. The need to prepare for the worst, but to expect the best comes to mind. I may never need the several hundred pounds of wheat that is stored under my bed, but if I do....I have it.

Wise man said......If ye are shall not fear.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I pledge response video

In Luke's Key of Liberty class, they discussed a popular video that came out earlier this year that featured many popular actors and Hollywood type people that pledged their lives to different things. Luke's class made a response video and here it is!

If the above video doesn't work, here is a link to it:

I am so impressed with the youth these days. Many of the kids in Luke's Key of Liberty class completed the memorizing of the Declaration of Independence (I still need to post that video...) and in the Shakespeare class almost all of the kids chose to complete 17 or more plays. (And these are the 12-13year should see the 15 year olds!! )

Not only that, but on Sundays I am always impressed with the depth of the talks given by the youth in our ward. These kids are powerful and are capable of doing great things. I am excited to see what they do next!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A great day!

Lately I feel that my blog has turned into a brag. But nobody reads my blog any way
so OH WELL! :-)
Today my brag is about my husband again. He was honored today for being the Student of the Semester in the Integrated Studies Department. They recognized him for the work he did with RAINN day, his research project, good grades, and all that jazz. This is a huge honor and I am so thrilled for him. He has been blessed with great teachers and fabulous study habits these past five years.

Cory and his professor that presented him with the award.

Well here you can watch for yourself!!

Way to go hun!! You have worked so hard in school! Love ya!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday James!

My James recently turned 11. A few words that would describe James is....sunshine, random, sly, sincere, mischievous, determine, and fun.

I love my James!

James's birthday was recent and we had a lot of fun celebrating!
He was able to spend the night at Grandma Sutton's house and she spoiled him with his favorite breakfast of German Pancakes. MMmmmmm...
Then we traveled to Jumping Jacks and what a fun time! I wasn't to impressed with Jumping Jacks, but the kids loved it. By the time we left they were dripping with sweat.

That night we went to the Winterfest and the boys were able to be on a float with some friends. I think the light parade is one of the better things about where we live. It is a unique experience that we love. Having the cars all decked out in Christmas lights is so much fun!