Friday, July 20, 2012

Dressing your truth makeover

 Recently my sisters, mom and I were able to get away for a super fun weekend. It has been way to long since all of the girls were together--especially without kids.  Well Rissa was there, but that was great too.

 It was a fabulous time!

My sisters, mom and I are all fans of Carol Tuttle and her book Just My Nature.  It is a personality book similar to the Color Code..but at the same time it is nothing like the Color Code. I love it so much more then the Color Code and other personailty tests because it is an internal choice, not the results of a test that help you come to the conclusion of which type you are.

In a nutshell, each "Type" has their own place in nature. Each type has their own flow, their own style, colors, and personality. Thats a really small nutshell, just go read the book. ;-)

After you read the book you can become a member of her Dressing your Truth club. At the club they do make overs and a whole lot of other things. It is really quite amazing all that they teach.  This is what we did for our girls event. Makeovers. So Fun!

I was very nervous. I am very loyal to my fabulous stylist here in southern Utah, so to trust someone else with my hair was kind of nerve wracking. Thankfully, Nicole was amazing!

My before. I was dressing Type 2 when I am a Type 1.

Type 1 after. I was SO ready to get that hair cut shorter!
This is Nicole. She is the Blond Phantom of hairdressers.  Seriously, totally amazing talent.

Katy's after. She is a type 2 and has dressed as a type 1. She loves being a type 2 and really is so pretty!
Rissa is a type 1, just like me! Love her apple cheeks that are SO type one--just like mine!

Mom is a type 3. She has been dressing as a type 3 for years and didn't know it. She loved fine tuning her style and learning how else to look her best.

Love you Mom!

Marianne has dressed as a type 3 for as long as I have known her. After she read the book she knew right away that she was NOT a type 3.

Marianne as her type one super sparkly self!
Stunning Anna!!! She looks like she's going to take on the world!

Anna in true blue with sweet Rissa. Such a fun weekend!

All of us "Dressing our truth"

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After we were done and before we said goodbye, we went to Kneaders for lunch. We all ordered at different times but when we sat down we discovered that we all had the exact same lunch. Way to much fun!

Thanks to everyone at the DYT store and salon!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Painting Chairs

 For years I have dreamed about a super nice (cough*expensive*cough) dining room set. I have decided to put that fantasy aside and really love what I have. What I did have was a bunch of mismatched wooded chairs painted black. I really liked them black at first, but they became my first victims.

Over the past few months I have been painting my black chairs. I know, seems random. But it is something that I can do without a lot of pressure on me feet-which has been pretty essential.  I have had so much fun painting them. 

This was the first chair. We call it the "Watermelon chair." I will probably redo some of it.
The Sun Chair. I started with the sun in the middle of the seat. I loved mixing the blues to get it from dark blue at the bottom to the light blue at the top.
The Star Wars Chair. This has been the best incentive to get the boys to the table. Why sit on a flower chair if you can have THE Star Wars chair. There are several scenes from the movies all over the sides and legs. It was crazy to paint. Each of the light sabers are after the design of a specific Jedi (the boys can tell you exactly who).

My favorite, the Flower chair.

On each of the chairs I have something slightly hidden. The watermelon chair has the boys' name and birth year scrolled in it. The flower chair has our family scripture on it. the sun chair has one of my favorite scriptures on it. The star wars chair you will have to figure it out for yourself. :)
I still have several to paint and I am on the lookout for cheap, ugly wooden chairs. If you find any, send them my way!